Sourcing of Lightning Protection equipment and associated equipment and services.


As part of our procurement offer, Lightning Protection EPC or LPEPC provide specialist lightning protection equipment and services.

LPEPC are the certified global installation team for Alltec Lightning Protection Systems. LPEPC has buying relationships with many of the worlds leading manufacturers of Lightning protection equipment and systems. If you require a particular brand or specification we can assist.


Procurement is not just about Lightning Protection equipment. Sometimes its just as

important to the site or project that the mast that an ESE is attached to meets a specific

standard or the footings that are constructed in the process of installing the mast that 

the ESE is attached to meet a particular standard. We can design, engineer and procure 

all manner of sundry equipment in order to provide a turnkey solution.

Our installation team have worked on some of the largest and most hazardous sites on the 

planet. We can not only procure the required equipment, we can project manage and 

install the equipment.


A fully costed  electrical and mechanical design of the lightning protection system

including PMP and HSQ+E Plan is critical. Most lightning protection projects require

an engineered solution, specification and selection/procurement of lightning protection                                                                                            equipment and installation of equipment including construction and project management. If                                                                                  there is a breakdown in any one of these project phases, the outcome could be compromised.




LPEPC can design, procure and install a "best practice/compliant" lightning protection system. 


Marathon Oil TerraStat Installation
RBC Installation.JPG