Classification of a hazardous area on your site should be conducted by a H Class Inspector or certified Hazardous Locations Assessor. Once the area has been classified we can assist with the types of lightning protection equipment, services, maintenance and solutions that are appropriate for that hazardous area, subject to meeting Australian & New Zealand standards and State and Territory legislation.


If you are unsure that you have a hazardous area on your site or require assistance in the classification of a hazardous area , then we recommend that you talk to an expert. Lightning Protection EPC (LPEPC) are not H-Class Inspectors and suggest you contact the following Hazardous Area Specialists or H-Class Inspectors:


Victoria H Class Inspector - Mr Colin Baker

Explosion Protection Technologies

E-mail: colin@eptech.com.au

Tel: 03 9707 3110

EEHA Electrician - Mr David Colasante

Colasante Group

E-mail: dc@colasante.com.au

Tel: +61 3 8401 5574


E-x Solutions International Pty Ltd - Mr Ralph & Jason Wigg

E-mail: info@exsolutions.com.au

Tel: +61 (08) 8270 2177



*Please note that H-Class Inspectors are certified to work in Hazardous Areas and have an obligation as part of their "duty of care" to advise regulatory authorities if you are or plan to work in an unsafe environment. H-Class inspectors can test personnel for competency in relation to working within a hazardous environment. AS/NZS4761.2008: Competencies for working with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA)



A Verification Dossier must contain:

Area classification documents, with plans showing the classification and extent of the hazardous areas.

The applicable equipment group or subgroup for the flammable material. The temperature class or ignition temperature of the flammable material.

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