Compliance Reports, Site Survey's, Site Audits, Design and Specification


As part of our engineering offer, Lightning Protection EPC or LPEPC provide specialist Site Surveys and Site Audits.

An LPEPC site report that consists of a site checklist and site score. Site scores determine whether a site audit is required.


Conduct a Site Survey or Site Audit, before you release your project to  tender. Incorrect "scope of works" or "compliance requirements" can mire the project in costly over runs,  remediation and increased risk.


A Lightning Protection EPC site report that includes an assessment of  lightning risk

and audit of current lightning protection equipment, recommendations for lightning

protection equipment, including specification and compliance is essential.  LPEPC 

encourage our clients to conduct site survey's and or site audits prior to design or

specification. Gathering the facts upfront is the only way to provide engineering

teams and design teams accurate input from which they can build a system that is

best practice, compliant to standards and able to adequately reduce the risks

associated with lightning.






                                                                              A fully costed  electrical and mechanical design of the lightning protection system

                                                                              including PMP and HSQ+E Plan is critical. Most lightning protection projects require

                                                                              an engineered solution, specification and selection/procurement of lightning protection                                                                                            equipment and installation of equipment including construction and project management. If                                                                                  there is a breakdown in any one of these project phases, the outcome could be compromised.




LPEPC can design, procure and install a "best practice/compliant" lightning protection system. 



Lightning Protection Evac Shelters 

An LP Evacuation Shelter is a designated location on site that personnel evacuate to prior to a short duration storm event.


A safe area (sometimes referred to as a Hazard Shelter) is usually

a structure that has been purposely designed for personnel to wait

out a short duration storm event. The structure has typically been

designed to withstand severe storms and has multiple and  overlayed

earthing, bonding, surge protection and lightning protection controls.


LP safe areas are predominatley used in Mining, LPG, LNG and remote

locations subject to frequent storm events where personnel are exposed.


LP Safe Areas are specially engineered, designed and constructed by

LPEPC and can be retrofitted to most existing structures or buildings. 


If you require further information in relation to LP Safe Areas contact us at or +61 3 5977 5920


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