Electrical & Mechanical Contracting,  Embedded Project Management.


As part of our construction offer, Lightning Protection EPC or LPEPC provide specialist lightning protection construction services.

LPEPC is a specialist group with the capability to deliver EPC and EPCM services in both greenfield and brownfield project environments.


Whether you require a turnkey solution or ongoing embedded project management, our specialist PMP and HSQ+E programs can be tailored to suit your project requirements.

Large Lightning Protection Projects often involve the management of a significant number

of installation team members working alongside site personnel and other contractors.

LP systems are usually installed on critical infrastructure or 

high value assets such as production facilities, telecommunication towers, defence facilities, 

mining sites and or oil and gas sites. The environment in which this work is undertaken is

usually hazardous and requires relevant certified experience or "know how".

LPEPC can provide embedded management where one of our experienced supervisors can

manage a local installation crew or client crew and ensure design and compliance

requirements are met.

LPEPC can also provide a full installation crew to any part of the world (excl war zones or cat

red zones) to complete works.


LPEPC can design, procure and install a "best practice/compliant" lightning protection



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Telecomunications antennas tower in wint
Factory - oil and gas industry