STATIC ELECTRICITY & LIGHTNING PROTECTION (SELP) - (Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Classified Areas) 2020 CONFERENCE


The CSELP is an industry group set up by Static Electricity Control & Lightning Protection EPC. Recent additions to the executive committee include Yuying Lim from Dulux Group, Kris Lawry from A S Harrison, David Colasante from Hazcol, Steven Yan, Neelan Mahendran and Michael Sainsbury from IPD/Dehn and Jason Wigg from Ex Solutions. The CSELP has a simple vision:


To help raise the awareness of static electricity and lightning and there effect on industrial and or manufacturing processes & applications.


To that end in 2015, the CSELP launched STATIC HNH, the first "Australian Conference" dedicated to static electricity control. The event was a resounding success and as a result the CSELP held the second and third conference for static electricity & lightning protection in 2017 and 2018, over 2 days with interactive workshops.

SELP 2o2o will also be held over 2 days and the conference will look to build on the successful interactive/demonstration and presentation format with 2 industry case studies that further delve into static electricity and lightning. The format will allow attendees to see how an audit and survey, classification of a hazardous area, design, specification and installation of electrical equipment is conducted on a live case study. How/Why an injury specific to static electricity and lightning occurred and how to reduce the risk of such incidents occurring in the future. How to conduct a risk assessment specific to static electricity and lightning in a hazardous area ... and take that knowledge back to their specific site and use that information to help their own teams better understand static electricity and lightning and the appropriate control measures that are specific to their static electricity and lightning issues.