Lightning EPC (LPEPC) provide Early Detection Service & Maintenance Programs that are critical in ensuring that lightning protection systems are operating correctly, limiting any production downtime and reducing any associated risk.


LPEPC recommend that all equipment is checked prior to start up or at the commencement of each shift. Particular care needs to be taken prior to and after a "Shutdown for Maintenance"


Periodic cleaning and maintenance of lightning protection system equipment is essential. Whilst it is critical that a site complies with the minimum requirement of visual inspection and electrical testing as set out in the Australian and New Zealand & International standards, it is important to discuss maintenance in relation to risk. A site that has an inherent high risk may require more frequent visual inspection or electrical testing than that recommended within the Australian and New Zealand/International standards 


The build up of paint and solvent residue on clamps can significantly reduce the effectiveness of earthing and bonding of plant and equipment.


The theft of copper tape on a lightning protection system or an SPD fault could result in a lightning protection system that is unable to safely redirect the lightning current or surge through the lightning protection system and away from sensitive electrical equipment.

Maintenance of equipment in a Hazardous Area is set out in AS/NZS60079.17.2009 : Inspection and Maintenance - Explosive Environments. FOLLOW the STANDARD.


For assistance in scheduling a service or maintenance program contact: