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2018/19  proved to be challenging years for the group. Whilst we were pleased with our results overall we recognised that our core objective " to increase the awareness of lightning protection and its' effect on industrial/manufacturing processes & applications" fell short of our target.


In 2015 Static Electricity Control in partnership with Lightning protection EPC created the Centre for Static Electricity and Lightning Protection or CSELP. The CSELP's primary function is to increase awareness in relation to static electricity & lightning protection and their effect on industrial/manufacturing processes & applications.


In 2016 CSELP launched the first annual "Static HNH" conference dedicated to static control equipment in Hazardous and Non Hazardous Areas.  StaticHNH was created by the team at the Centre for Static Electricity and Lightning Protection CSELP after the realisation that there was a limited understanding of static electricity and the effects it can have on industrial/manufacturing processes & applications. The event was a resounding success and as such  CSELP held Static HNH 2017 and Static Electricity and Lightning Protection Conference (SELP 2018) 2018 over 2 days with the introduction of workshops.

 In January 2016 Static Electricity Control was appointed exclusive Australian distributor for Newson Gale Equipment. This appointment is recognition of the commitment to the static electricity control industry by Novella Group Pty Ltd and specifically the team at Static Electricity Control further cementing Novella Group Pty Ltd as a leader in both Hazardous and Non Hazardous Static Electricity Control Equipment & Solutions.


Novella Group Pty Ltd is the only company in Australia with exclusive distributorship for Meech equipment under Meech Australia Static Control, Newson Gale & Alltec equipment under Static Electricity Control. Static Electricity Control & Lightning Protection EPC continue to expand the supply of Hazardous & Non Hazardous static electricity control and lightning protection equipment and services to existing and emerging sectors across the industrial environment.

In 2018 SEC were appointed as exclusive distributor for Alltec LLC.  Lightning, Earthing and Surge Protection equipment manufacturers.

In 2018 LPEPC completed works on its manufacturing facility in Somerville and began designing, engineering  custom equipment for the Lightning Protection industry.


As you can see we continue to look for ways to get our core message out there "to increase the awareness of static electricity & lightning protection and their effect on industrial/manufacturing processes & applications". Thank-you to all the attendees and guest speakers for making Static Electricity & Lightning Protection Conference (SELP) 2016 ,2017 and 2018 such wonderful events. We hope to see you all again at SELP 2020.


Thank you for your patronage. Best regards to you and your families. Have a safe and prosperous year.


Novella Group Pty Ltd 

CEO/MD Mr Cem Novella